J Ellis

October 2011.  A project starting with an open invitation to take part in an 'experience' which was revealed as becoming part of a human knitting machine.  This was not a public performance, as it was unobserved, but to create a shared experience as inspiration for work for an exhibition two days later.   The knitting took less than an hour then was left out so interested parties could produce artworks in response to either the sculptural form or the experience.  Submitted artworks by eight artists included film, sound, sculpture, painting and photography.  


Unravelled, the knitting was reinterpeted as a sculptural wall hanging.


Sharing, community, versions, memory, experience, connections, compulsion, repetition, constraint, restraint.




B&W photographs of knitters. Participants interacting with knitting. Jellis wall hanging made from unravelled knitting. backbut nextbut